The logistics sector faces challenges which are forcing organisations to cooperate in smarter ways. These challenges include rising competition at home and from abroad, pricing pressure, market fragmentation, labour shortages and increasing supply chain complexity. Besides that, the growing need for a finely meshed distribution network is placing ever-greater demands on the internal organisation and business approach. 

More effective data sharing can improve efficiency and reduce costs and CO2 emissions. But sharing data can be a headache, often relying on proprietary technology and time-consuming integrations.

We challenge this status quo. By building upon scalable trust principles from the payment and identity industry, we can help organisations in the logistics sector to remove barriers to achieve simple, cost-effective, and secure data sharing. In effect, taking the logistics sector to the next level of data exchange maturity.



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Blog | 01-10-2018
Data sharing is extremely common among supply chain partners. Every company that uses SAP software is involved in some form of data sharing with custo...
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