Data sharing holds the key to finding smarter ways to work

Digitalisation and globalisation are forcing organisations in the logistics sector to look for smarter ways to work. Today’s challenges include rising competition at home and from abroad, pricing pressure, market fragmentation, labour shortages and increasing supply chain complexity, to name but a few. 

Additionally, we are seeing a power shift caused by the rise in logistics platforms and the ever-increasing number of transactions. To tackle these challenges, you require a clear idea about your organisation and its role in the emerging ‘controlled data’ economy. You also need a dedicated focus to make decisions on issues such as: 

  • How can we leverage data to create new revenue streams?
  • How can we optimally position ourselves in changing supply chains?
  • How can we prepare our organisation for upcoming legislation?
  • How can we keep control over our own data?

At INNOPAY, our mission is to help logistics organisations find strategic, yet pragmatic answers. 

Data sharing throughout your ecosystem or extended supply chain will keep your logistics activities running seamlessly and create value in today’s accelerating digital economy. INNOPAY has a proven track record in working with a large variety of logistics organisations to create such value through controlled data exchange. Our expertise lies in devising future-proof collaborative solutions that also deliver value-added results in the short term.

How can INNOPAY help you? Some examples of our services: 

Strategy l Ecosystem quick scan

Getting involved in data sharing often requires collaboration with new and previously unknown parties. To help you shape your strategy, we identify and analyse relevant market players in your data sharing ecosystem: potential partners, data sources, data consumers, vendors, data sharing initiatives, etc.

Strategy l Data monetisation 

Together with key people in your organisation and based on real-world use cases, we explore opportunities for combining data within and outside of your organisation in order to deliver direct business value (e.g. by optimising the planning and handling of fresh food shipments to shorten your time to market).

Product development  l Internal capability assessment

What data assets do you have? How can you leverage them, and how can you create and maintain data assets in the future? We analyse your internal capabilities, processes and assets related to data sharing (e.g. legacy data structures, internal knowledge, governance, etc.) to develop data-sharing products.

Implementation support l Data-sharing service development

Designing value-added data-sharing services requires a good understanding of your internal data needs and the needs of your supply chain partners. At INNOPAY, we can support you in modelling your data sharing use cases, developing new data services, training your co-workers and/or supply chain partners to help them understand how they can leverage open standards for data sharing, and in implementing data-sharing services from the development and testing cycle right through to the go-live. 

As an official iSHARE Implementation Partner – the trust framework that allows everyone to share data with everyone else in a simple and controlled way – INNOPAY also helps your organisation to seize the benefits of using iSHARE. 


With our integrated and collaborative approach, our goal is to accelerate data-driven innovation within organisations, the logistics sector and beyond to unleash the true value of data. 

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