iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements or scheme that enables organisations in the logistics sector to give others access to their data, including new and previously unknown partners who might be further upstream or downstream in the supply chain. In addition to reducing integration costs, iSHARE offers organisations new opportunities to monetise currently untapped data assets.


  1. Data sharing no longer requires costly and time-consuming integrations
  2. Better supply chain visibility thanks to simple and controlled data sharing with new and previously unknown partners
  3. Full control over your own data at all times. You have the final say about how and why your data will be shared, with whom and for how long.




To support your organisational strategy, we work together with key people in your organisation to explore the opportunities for sharing data with existing and new partners in your supply chain ecosystem. We investigate the concrete benefits of implementing iSHARE and identify how iSHARE can help you leverage your data assets to create value. Just some examples include improved supply chain visibility, optimised planning and execution of fresh food shipments to shorten time to market, and reduced security and liability risks. 

Experience Lab

Our architects and our front-end, middleware and back-end developers all have a deep understanding of iSHARE’s API specifications and are adept at connecting data-sharing services based on Oauth 2.0 and Open ID Connect. In line with your needs, our team at the INNOPAY Experience Lab can help you with developing prototypes, Proof of Concepts or beta versions of iSHARE-enabled services so that you can make the business value of your data services more tangible for decision-makers and ecosystem partners. 

Implementation support

To enjoy the benefits of sharing data with others in a secure and controlled way, you first need to become a full iSHARE participant. But don’t worry… at INNOPAY, we help you to implement the necessary functional, technical, operational and legal specifications of iSHARE. We can support you from the use-case exploration phase, design and actual development and testing of your iSHARE-enabled service right through to the go-live. We can also facilitate the co-creation of new services, offer project management support or share our technical, business and regulatory expertise.


Pursuing a new data strategy is likely to have a big impact on your organisation from both a technical and a business perspective. We facilitate several different training modules to help your co-workers and/ or supply chain partners understand how iSHARE works, how iSHARE will impact your service portfolio and what it takes to develop your own iSHARE-enabled services. We can even tailor the content to your specific needs.

Contact us to discuss how iSHARE can help you leverage your data assets to create value, or if you have any other questions.

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