E-Business Insights

The internet has fundamentally changed the way businesses interact with each other. E-invoicing, e-procurement and e-commerce give tremendous opportunities to cut costs and increase supply chain intimacy.

But many projects fail and see limited supplier or buyer adoption.

Innopay has a unique approach to help companies move to e-business by focussing on supply chain benefits from day one. Innopay does this for corporates, e-procurement platforms, logistics providers and industry collaboratives.

E-Business Offerings

Quick Scan - Assess the business potential of e-business, the organisational readiness and the key challenges a company will face in embracing e-business.

Vendor Selection - Analyse requirements, guide an RFI and RFP phase and select suitable e-business partners.

Implementation - Guide the implementation of the solution and safeguard your requirements during implementation.

Adoption - Ensure supplier and buyer adoption en setup seamless collaboration between supply chain partners.

Improvement - Help existing platforms to increase their adoption and improve their service offering.

Product Strategy - Help procurement, e-invoicing and other B2B platforms to define their product strategy and develop new products and services.


Innovation services

Our e-business experts help organisations and their supply chains  to embrace digital ways of doing business. We help individual service providers to develop compelling new services, enterprises and their supply chains to embrace these services and industry collaboratives to co-create these services.


We help our clients to define and plan effective strategies for growth, create a sound basis for decision making and provide clear direction to their organisation and its ecosystem.

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We help our clients to co-create new digital products effectively, develop their co-creation capabilities and become an platform for open innovation and collaboration.

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We help our clients to set-up and manage innovation programs, realise set ambitions and transform their operating model to be effective in the digital age.

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