Seamless, Uber-like payments, brought to your bank account

  • Vincent Jansen
  • PSD2Customer CentricityXS2ARTS

Imagine you’re taking an Uber at the airport, get to your destination and while you’re getting out of the Prius … ping… you receive a push notification from your bank that says € 32,78 was debited from your payment account. The full Uber experience, but no cards or wallets needed.


INNOPAY introduces the INNOPAY Experience Lab

PSD2 and Open Banking strategies should go hand in hand and aim at being compliant while creating (or at least not blocking) growth potential for your business. However, a suboptimal PSD2 compliance strategy and implementation can result in the opposite by causing structural damage to your Open Banking potential and propositions. You have to get your initial approach and associated offerings right.


RTS on SCA & CSC: Unravelling EBA’s view on screen scraping

  • Mounaim Cortet Vincent Jansen
  • ArticleAPIPSD2English contentOpen BankingXS2ACommunication InterfaceScreen ScrapingRTS

Innopay’s PSD2 experts, Vincent Jansen (Partner) and Mounaim Cortet (Manager Strategy), recently shared their views on the RTS in a webinar which attracted broad industry attention. Several attendants of the webinar were interested to learn more about the RTS requirements regarding the communication interface and particularly on the future of “screen scraping”. In this article, Vincent and Mounaim further elaborate on the presented views regarding the communication interface and screen scraping for the purpose of third party provider (TPP) access to accounts (XS2A).


Banks will lose when not changing their perspective on how to realise customer centricity

Becoming customer centric, means that traditional banks need to be in it for the long haul and go through a long, disrupting and often uncertain transformation. It is therefore imperative to balance long term spend with effective short term results. Therefore, contrary to conventional approaches, Innopay advises to start with establishing an activity-based view of the existing operating model to enable banks to deliver these short term results. This is the only way to face competition, deal with regulation and safeguard and sustain client relationships.