Turning the Anti-Money Laundering Directive into a competitive advantage

Financial service providers are challenged by Bigtechs to build international scale for their innovative products. Cross-border introduction of innovative digital payment and loan products is a difficult game however, as local implementations of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) and other regulatory requirements differ markedly between countries. INNOPAY’s phased approach to cross border compliant expansion will help banks and financial service providers to turn AMLD (and other regulations) into a competitive advantage and offer compliant products in line with consumer expectations.


Unlock the potential of your onboarding process: banks, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you’d better do it right!

  • Josje Fiolet Art Stevens
  • Digital identityOnboardingBenchmarkKYC

Opening an account is one of the first interactions a new customer will have with you as a bank. And it is a true cliché that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. So, you’d better do it right, right?


Think hard before outsourcing your new onboarding process

  • Christian van Ramshorst
  • Digital identityE-BusinessOnboarding

Get a grip on the onboarding redesign process by using a simple 3 Step plan. Begin with strategic relevance. Next relate your strategy to concrete issues like customer interaction and regulatory requirements. Only then work with solution providers to turn the strategy into tangible customer experience.


eIDs for KYC: no silver bullet yet, but golden potential

  • Eefje van der Harst
  • Digital identityEnglish contentOnboardingKYCeIDAML

This blog elaborates on how financial institutions and Digital Identity Service Providers can play a role in aggregating information from different national electronic identity (eID) schemes to streamline KYC-processes.


Corporate banks and FIs: what’s the ETA of your onboarding process?

  • Esther Groen
  • PaymentsDigital identityOnboardingCorporate Onboarding

Rapid technological development drives innovation of customer processes in many sectors. Yet, corporate banks and FIs are holding on to their current, outdated corporate onboarding processes. Innopay believes that banks and FI’s need to step up their game if they want to remain relevant in the future. This first blog of a series of two elaborates on the competitive advantage of a customer centric onboarding process and describes six causes for many corporate banks and FIs to be lacking behind.


Banks will lose when not changing their perspective on how to realise customer centricity

Becoming customer centric, means that traditional banks need to be in it for the long haul and go through a long, disrupting and often uncertain transformation. It is therefore imperative to balance long term spend with effective short term results. Therefore, contrary to conventional approaches, Innopay advises to start with establishing an activity-based view of the existing operating model to enable banks to deliver these short term results. This is the only way to face competition, deal with regulation and safeguard and sustain client relationships.


(Re)designing your onboarding process? These are the requirements to consider

  • Josje Fiolet
  • Digital identityOnboarding

For financial services, a significant number of customers is attracted online. The customer onboarding process is one of the first interactions the customer has with the organisation and therefore it should be rock solid.