Note to Insurers: silence does NOT imply consent

  • Maarten Bakker Mathijs Helgers
  • APIOpennessCustomer in ControlInsuranceConsent ManagementOpen Insurance

Data and putting the customer in control over his or her data are crucial elements for any platform strategy, especially in an open ecosystem. This interview with experts from INNOPAY gives further insights for insurance companies and how they can execute on their much-needed consent infrastructure.


How #openness will change insurers’ pricing strategies

  • Maarten Bakker Josje Fiolet
  • Customer CentricityOpennessInsuranceAPIOnboarding

Efforts of insurers should focus more on delivering personalized propositions to their customers. This article elaborates on how insurers can gather relevant insights in an open ecosystem world to allow for more personalised premiums and to gain new business.


Insurance and the Open Banking wave: seven use cases

  • Maarten Bakker
  • InsurancePSD2Open BankingInnovation

We observe that many insurers are currently at best exploring a new wave of Open Banking and risk falling behind. To help accelerate the strategic thinking of insurance companies in this emerging domain INNOPAY has used its expertise in PSD2, GDPR and Open Banking and defined several use cases. In this blog we address several of them and how they create opportunities in risk management, data exploitation and open functionality.