Looking for the missing part of GDPR: a ‘soft infrastructure’ for sharing your data

  • Douwe Lycklama Shikko Nijland
  • GDPRCustomer in ControlConsent Management

GDPR mandates that organisations must provide consumers with increased levels of visibility and control over their personal data. But this data is already fragmented across the farthest reaches of the internet, and the long-term needs of neither consumers nor corporates will be served by the implementation of local dashboards and consent management apps by each player in the chain. INNOPAY proposes a collaborative approach to solving this challenge which will deliver convenience and control to consumers, and both GDPR compliance and new business opportunities for companies.


Customer data: old problems demand new solutions

  • Shikko Nijland
  • GDPRData Sharing

Exponential growth in the amount of digital transactions and customer data is causing organisations to fundamentally review how they will operate in future. As GDPR comes into force, companies need to accept that problems created by their use of customer data now require innovative responses, new ways of more responsible thinking, and an openness to finding collaborative solutions.


Decentralised identity enabled by the data control stack turns GDPR into a competitive advantage

  • David Mintjes
  • Digital identityArticleGDPRData SharingOpennessCustomer in Control

A new type of player in the digital identity ecosystem - the consent manager - is enabling customers and organisations to take more control over (identity) data. Relying parties should follow this development with great interest because there are significant benefits gained from joining a data control scheme.


How better collaboration across the Mortgage industry will simplify GDPR compliance and create long-term business opportunities

  • Esther Groen Vincent Jansen
  • GDPRArticle

For many business leaders, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) continues to be a headache. The EU's upgraded data protection rules come into force in May 2018, and many organisations' primary focus is still on ticking the compliance boxes. But we believe GDPR will be a catalyst which opens up data sharing across the Financial sector and enables collaborative-minded companies to offer new services and business models which are more relevant to their customers in the Mortgage industry.


GDPR in value chains: take off your shackles!

  • Eefje van der Harst Christian van Ramshorst
  • GDPRData SharingOpennessCustomer in Control

Although many organisations consider GDPR as a heavy compliance burden, it actually provides opportunities for organisations that operate in value chains if they collaborate smartly. This blog provides insights in how GDPR compliance can become an opportunity through smart collaboration and will lead to improved customer experience and mitigation of unnecessary risks.


It's about the personal data, stupid

  • Rob van der Staaij
  • GDPRCybersecurity

Organisations are pressuring themselves to prepare for GDPR. They should not forget that in the end it is about securing personal data.