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Cybersecurity is not about technology, it is about trust

Innopay offers various trainings in the field of Cybersecurity, given by our own certified and experienced professionals.


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Klein CSX

Getting understanding of the nuts and bolts of cybersecurity. In the end you will have a good basic understanding of the most important concepts of cybersecurity. 
- no prior knowledge of cybersecurity is required


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Become certified of one of the most desired and recognised international certifications in the area of Information Security. — Comprising eight modules, with an exam training at the end. 

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Become certified as a broad-based specialist in IT Risk Management. — Consisting of four modules, with an exam training in the end. 

4 days training Read more

Klein CISA

Become certified as a specialist in Information Systems Audit. — Consisting of five modules, with an exam training in the end (total of four training days).


4 days training Read more

Klein CISM

Become certified as a specialist in Information Security Management. — Consisting of four modules, with an exam training in the end (total of four training days).


4 days training Read more

Klein GDPR

Become compliant with the European privacy legislation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the most optimal way. After this two-day training you will have a thorough understanding of the technical controls that are needed to effectively secure personal data.

2 days training Read more

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Experts in digital transactions: Payments, Digital Identity & E-Business

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Our daily business provides for up-to-date knowledge & reallife use-cases

Why choose Innopay Academy for your Cybersecurity training?

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Innopay offers the chance to become acquainted with the most important aspects of cybersecurity in an accessible manner. Within two days (spread out over two weeks) our Cybersecurity Basics training lays the necessary foundation for everybody who needs to know the fundamentals of cybersecurity. This training will also provide the necessary knowledge to successfully follow the CISSP and CRISC training courses.

Because organisations themselves are best aware of their own situation, it is obvious that the organisation itself is actively involved in mitigating cyber risks. This can only be done if there is sufficient knowledge and expertise in the field of cyber security. This is also necessary to be a fully-fledged partner. Innopay offers training services to help organizations build their own knowledge and expertise in cybersecurity. Innopay has thorough experience with the safe and efficient set up of transactions. This should include the exchange of financial data and privacy sensitive information such as personal data. This up to date experience will be shared during the training with the students in the form of practical cases.


Rob van der Staaij

Meet Innopay Academy’s trainer

Dr. Rob van der Staaij CISSP CISA CISM CRISC CEH CPT is Director Cybersecurity at Innopay, as well as Head-trainer and principal. He has more than twenty years experience in cybersecurity, identity & access management, risk management, and compliance. He is a certified professional trainer at the International Board of Certified Trainers with more than twenty years training experience. Rob is also lecturer cybercrime & cybersecurity at the University of Groningen.

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“After my master and PHD research I decided to continue my career in the field of information technology. Currently, I combine more than twenty years’ experience at both the business and IT level. I have gained my background in numerous sectors, such as finance, government, healthcare, retail, transport, energy and telecom.

My core expertise is Identity & Access Management and Cybersecurity. Additional strengths of mine are the ability to translate the business requirements in a working technology and to communicate this in clear language to all stakeholders.

Innopay has a strong focus on putting innovative technologies into practice, without losing sight of risk management and compliance. With the help of creative and bright consultants we are able to enable our customers to achieve a higher level of efficiency and security, and stay ahead in a fast changing world.



"I took Rob's CRISC course and graduated with a fine grade because of that"

Jan Molenaar
Product Manager Security & Infra at Swisscard AECS GmbH




"Rob possesses the gift of explaining complex matter in a calm and accessible way. His passion and extensive background enable him to easily link theory with practice."

Luisella ten Pierik
CISO Stedin

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Innopay special - Train the Trainer

As experts in the field of digital transactions we would like to transfer our knowledge and expertise with other professionals. Innopay Academy offers an unique opportunity to become a Cybersecurity trainer. This extensive training program will tighten up and challenge the substantive knowledge and a strong part of the curriculum will be about developing the right didactic skillset to provide a good basis for training cybersecurity specialists yourself. 


Certifications and extensive experience of cybersecurity in the field is a prerequisite to become a trainer.  Get in touch with the Innopay Academy to discuss the possibilities such as location, training dates and pricing. Contact the Innopay Academy via



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