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Shikko NijlandShikko Nijland

We are being considered as innovation experts in Payments, Digital identity and E-Business. This is something I am very proud of. It also implies high expectations, not only from our clients but also from peers in the field and within Innopay. You don’t become an innovation expert at Innopay easily. 

In the first place Innopay consultants need to master the art and science of innovation: from ideation to implementation. At the same time innovation experts are expected to be thought leaders, trusted advisors and change agents.

I feel priviliged working with so many creative, bright and energetic people on so many challenging and impactful projects.

Douwe LycklamaDouwe Lycklama

Transactions we do it all the time and more and more with our mobile: payments, collecting loyalty points, logging in, proofing your age, giving likes, sending and receiving invoices. More and more is done electronically.

At Innopay we help shaping this future for our clients, including financial institutions, governments and corporates. Compelling strategies and digital services for consumers and companies are key for successful competition in a rapidly digitising world.

What I like very much is that our work has impact on the daily lives of many people. Smart strategies and  easy services with lots of positive complexity hidden in them, putting up serious challenges for the teams working on them. 'I love it when a plan comes together' in todays networked world!

VincentVincent Jansen

Working at Innopay for me is about helping out customers to create new and better products and services.

Whether I'm bouncing of ideas with a colleague one on one, or working with stakeholder groups across Europe, I always feel the energy that comes from innovating together. This energy, that I believe drives our company, is noticed by others and it attracts a very diverse group of professionals and starters, from different backgrounds that together keep adding to the mix from industry experts and a fresh outside view that will enable us to serve our customers best and grow our business.

I’m with Innopay since 2003 in startup days and since then a lot has changed, but still every day I walk into our office, seeing the people and feeling the energy just puts a smile on my face.


We believe digital technologies push us to innovate the way we create value and exchange it. Time and location are no limiting factors any more. We choose to help our customers in those areas we excel in: Payments, Digital Identity and E-Business.


Our goal is to help corporates, collectives and governments develop new perspectives on value creation. With our in-depth knowledge, breakthrough thinking and power to realise we empower our customers to shape their strategy, co-create new services and transform the way they work.

The Netherlands

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The Netherlands

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