PSD Licensing

Since November 2009 the Payment Services Directive (PSD), a guideline of the European Parliament and European Commision to harmonize the internal market for payment services, has been in effect. Its regulation affects the relation between payment service providers and its users. The impact of the PSD is not limited to banks only; also non-bank payment service providers are affected by the new regulation. Innopay helps assessing the impact and implement the proper changes.



The Innopay “PSD Impactanalysis” consists of the following activities:

  • Interviews and knowledge transfer
  • Report of analysis including recommendations
  • Presentation of analysis in a workshop


The “PSD Impactanalysis” covers the following subjects: 
  • Licensing 
  • Company processes 
  • Market analysis


The Impact analysis will take 4-6 days of consultancy.
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