Merger & Acquisition support

When you consider acquiring a player in the field, either as a competitor or financial investor, you will want to know all the relevant information to base your decision on. Who are the main players? What are the main trends? What will determine the succes of the target? Innopay has indepth knowledge of the industry and has been involved in some of the most important acquisitions in the payments arena. With our knowledge we can help you answer all the necessary questions. Our M&A references are in European PSP's, terminal vendors and e-invoicing service providers.



Our M&A support will address all the relevant subjects of the business. This will include market analysis, company analysis, SWOT-analysis and others.


Our M&A support will provide you with an indepth analyses of all the relevant factors on which to base your decision. The results can be presented in a variety of ways, depending on your needs.


To time needed for the M&A support strongly depends on the nature and size of the research.
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