International payments & SEPA

In recent years new channels, technologies, services and regulation have all impacted impact both your A/R and A/P processes. Now SEPA with an end date is coming. And so is e-invoicing. Are you prepared? Are you compliant? Are you still best equipped and serviced after these changes? We think the political drive for SEPA and e-invoicing provides a unique opportunity to look at these four areas in an integrated way.


We execute the following activities: 
  • Analyse A/R and A/P processes
  • Analyse payment capabilities and costs
  • Define payment requirements


A comprehensive overview of your payments capabilities in A/R and A/P, consisting of:
  • Qualitative capability analysis 
  • Quantitative cost analysis 
  • Recommendations


The Payment scan will take 5-10 days of consultancy, depending strongly on your A/P and A/R processes and your current capabilities herein.

Feel free to contact us for more information or a tailored proposal.

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