E-payments service provider selection

E-commerce has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. Many new merchants have entered the market and achieved spectacular results. At the same time service providers have developed a wide array of highly differentiated transaction services capabilities. Are you sure your check-out process is still optimal and your (payment) service providers serve you best? Your requirements have most likely changed substantially... We can help you define your (payment) requirements, create a RFP and select the right service provider. We know what is out there for you to choose and use.


In order to select the optimal service provider(s), together we need to: 
  •  Analyse financial operations 
  •  Analyse check-out process 
  •  Define requirements
  •  Create RFP document 
  •  Facilitate RFP process and provider selection


The process provides you with a deep understanding of your (payment) business requirements and the options your company has in this respect. 
Everything is documented in a requirements document, a short list of providers, a RFP document and a clear recommendation on the most fitting service provider(s).


Anywhere between 10-20 days of consultancy, depending on the complexity of your business and needs. 
Feel free to contact us for more information or a tailored proposal.

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