E-invoicing service provider selection

With the ongoing digitization of business processes you have to look for efficient ways to store your invoices and related business documents. An e-invoicing solution must be meet your business needs and be legally compliant.
Innopay has extensive knowledge of e-archiving and the providers in the market. We can help you define your (payment) requirements, create a RFP and select the right service provider. We know what is out there for you to choose and use.



In order to select the optimal e-invoicing service provider(s), together we need to: 
  • Analyse financial operations
  • Define requirements for e-invoicing
  • Create RFP document
  • Facilitate RFP process and provider selection


The process provides you with a deep understanding of your e-invoicing requirements and the options your company has in this respect.
Everything is documented in a requirements document, a short list of providers, a RFP document and a clear recommendation on the most suitable service provider(s).


Depending on the size and complexity of your business and needs, an e-invoicing service provider selection process typically takes between 10-20 days of consulting.
Feel free to contact us for more information or a tailored proposal.

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