Where are the opportunities for e-business?

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That is the question addressed in the E-Readiness Index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit and IBM. It gives a ranking of how ready 70 countries are to use ICT for social and economic benefit. The index is a composite index of over 100 variables relating to technological infrastructure as well as the business, social and legal environments.


The top ten is not very surprising:

1.    Denmark

2.    Sweden

3.    Netherlands

4.    Norway

5.    United States

6.    Australia

7.    Singapore

8.    Hong Kong

9.    Canada

10. Finland


What is more interesting is that the score of all but nine countries decreased due mainly to the deteriorating business environment. This means that only in the nine countries conditions improved compared to last year.


One of the main conclusions of this year’s index is that the potential for e-business is there by societies are not taking full advantage of them, yet. For those in the e-business sector a lot of work remains to be done and indices such as this help us gain an understanding of which markets harbor the most potential.


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