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E-invoicing: working towards a cooperative space

Exciting times for E-invoicing: developments are accelerating again. Now more than ever, it is key to remember what will ignite the e-invoicing market and bring it to ubiquitous penetration in society.  The industry needs to come together and define a cooperative space. Simply because e-invoicing is a two-sided market which requires cooperation between all market participants, while competing at the same time. This will only work when players share a common perspective and goal. This takes time. For more than a decade, we have been working to make e-invoicing reality. Will it finally happen this time?

E-finance: new market on the shoulders of e-invoicing

Wide adoption of e-invoicing has been a promise for many years, not only for banks. So far, real benefits for banks are few. However, consensus is growing that the combination with financing mechanisms (e-finance) will bring new value to the market. Innopay has a viewpoint on how parties can cooperate to capitalise on this value.

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Jaap Jan

E-invoicing association EESPA launched

A few weeks ago, the European E-invoicing Service Provider Association (EESPA) has been officially established as an international non-profit organisation. The association consists of 30+ members, including the largest e-invoicing service providers in Europe (in terms of volumes B2B). Innopay has been involved from the very beginning and will be supporting EESPA during the coming months.

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Inclusive network model

Considered a classic, Innopay already published this article on the need for an inclusive e-invoicing network model in 2008. A revised version of the first article can be downloaded for free from Innopay's website:

> Towards an inclusive e-invoicing network model

E-Invoicing Buyers' Guide 2011

In cooperation with Innopay, the number one source of news and analysis in the global payment industry, The Paypers published the world's first E-Invoicing Buyers' Guide.

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E-invoicing Buyers Guide
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